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Rabbity websites are on the way (for reals)

Posted on April 17, 2010 by ari

Shira and I are planning a new website that will replace this one – a shiny new redesign that will not only transition us from Movable Type to WordPress (finally!), but which will explain and show what we do much more effectively. I can’t tell you how incredibly out of date this site is. I look forward to being more up to date and more interactive!
Now, I know I’ve been saying “we’re working on a new site” for some time but I really mean it, and it’s coming soon! Have you heard that saying, “you’re your own worst client”? It’s true. Take my usual copy writing and organizational perfectionism and multiply it by ten thousand.
Our new design will have rabbits, of course. Which brings me to another website – Pinkrabbitsays.com. Does anyone reading this blog remember my old blog? I used to do more activist rambling, and I think I need a place to do that again. Props to my friend and colleague Tricia Wang for setting such a great example of online representation. I like the idea of compartmentalizing my audiences. (That’s just a painfully geeky thing for me to say, isn’t it?) So that’s coming soon as well.
Stay tuned for updates… more soon, I hope!

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