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Clearcutting and whalehunting

Posted on April 14, 2012 by ari

Now I’ve seen clearcutting for the first time. Forests so deep and rich they’re like cathedrals, the trees dripping with moss and ferns, alive with singing birds, and then – acres and acres of silent dry land and dessicated stumps.

I visited a museum of Native American culture and read a lot of texts celebrating a history of whalehunting; human slavery and wars were glossed over. Inside of me are drops of Cherokee and Iroquois blood that yearn to reconnect with their heritage, but I’m unwilling to look at any form of exploitation in a positive light. I read these cards describing the hunt and I mourn.

Nearly everything else is beautiful. I usually try to state what I’m for, not what I’m against. But I have to stand with trees and whales. They can’t say “stand up for me” out loud, but I can hear them anyway.

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