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Frackers vs. activist-photographers: The activists win

Posted on May 16, 2012 by ari

Check out this interesting story about a photo I posted for a fellow activist on Flickr! WSKG Busted! Shilling for Gas Industry (Bill Huston’s Blog).

In short, WSKG printed an article that was basically a reprint of a press release by natural gas industry folks, who had arranged a study that apparently showed that regulations can make fracking safer. My position is that fracking is intrinsically unsafe. They used a photo I’d posted for another activist on Flickr to illustrate the article, which Bill brought to my attention. I told them I wanted them to take it down, and that using a photo taken by anti-fracking activists was obviously a bad choice for what was essentially a piece of industry propaganda. They took it down. Yay!

Read Bill’s post for a rebuttal to the points made in the article – he knows his stuff!

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