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Future blueberries and tomatoes

Posted on May 30, 2012 by ari

seeds in soil
Photo: little seeds, will you grow? by Shira Evergreen

Today we finally put our three baby tomato plants in our newly completed raised bed! We made the bed out of chunks of branch cut from an ailing tree on our land, arranged into an oval under one of the metal supports holding up our clothesline, and filled it with local compost. The tomato plants will be able to climb up pieces of hemp twine that we affixed to the clothesline support. We got these starters from our friend and fellow filmmaker Suzanne McMannis, who lives (and farms) off-grid in Freeville – thanks Suzanne!

These tomatoes are joining our only other plantings this year (besides some experiments with nettles and jerusalem artichokes): Four little blueberry bushes, two pairs of different varieties(als?). We got them at Plantsmen Nursery, with a gift certificate given to us by Havana Jorrin, the amazing, sustainability-friendly real estate agent who helped us find and buy this house. Thanks so much, Havana.

We have a whole lot of other little green plants from our friends at the Dacha Project to get in the ground, but updates on those will have to come when we’ve got more compost.

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