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Buckminster, you make my life so much Fuller!

Posted on October 11, 2012 by shira

On Saturday, September 29th, Ari and I had the pleasure of attending a “live documentary” at Cornell Cinema called the The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller. With live commentary by director Sam Green and featuring a score performed live by Yo La Tengo, we were amazed that the tickets were only $20.

We’ve been obsessed with Bucky for a number of years and I even wrote a song about him a while back, which you can hear on my myspace page (the first track), but we still learned a few new things. The highlights for me were…

1. The Fuller Archive. Stanford University is home to an extensive archive of Bucky’s writings, recordings and records. Apparently this is the largest personal archive in the world (he kept everything!) and it’s open to the public. I definitely want to check it out next time we’re in San Francisco.

2. Everything I Know. Fuller did a 40-hour lecture series called “Everything I Know” and the entire thing is available on YouTube! We also learned that Bucky sometimes spoke at such length that he relieved himself on stage and just kept going – that’s dedication.

3. Bucky Came to Cornell. Not surprisingly, since Bucky seemed to make his way everywhere, he also visited Cornell University, where he built a dome with some architecture students. Apparently, the dome was vandalized, but it’s so cool that there is film footage from the occasion and that it was included in the documentary. Sam Green explained that because of the incredible amount of Fuller material, they are able to customize the live documentary to include something from the location of the event in almost every time!

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