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This Week’s Creation and Destruction Report

Posted on November 1, 2012 by ari

moss growing and destroying pavement

A lot of things have broken lately – our car, twice, on our way back from a roadtrip, and our plumbing (thank you Drain Brain!!), and Shira’s computer, which is headed into the shop tomorrow for some diagnostics. Our site (and our email) were down earlier this week due to our wonderful host, May First, being affected by Superstorm Sandy, but I don’t feel like we have the right to complain about that, considering how trivial it seems next to folks’ houses being destroyed and lives being lost. But it did contribute to a general sense of everything being kind of broken and difficult to deal with lately.

Another tree is coming down today, a spruce in our front yard, with the help of the lovely folks at Thompson Tree & Crane Services. I can’t believe they came out in this freezing-cold rain. This sad-but-necessary operation will allow just a bit more sun to fall on our roof, which brings us a step closer to our solar panel installation. So this is a bittersweet event, the loss of a long-lived and beautiful old tree, enabling the birthing of a more sustainable energy system.

In other news, Nanowrimo begins today, and again, I’m writing something futuristic and deep green, a post-apocalyptic sustainable utopia. This seems to be my favorite theme. Somehow it feels painfully, symbolically appropriate to begin writing a book on such a topic, when outside a chainsaw is tearing down a tree to make room for more light from the sun.

Photo: maybe one day we will all be green again

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