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Help a village in Cameroon with a click

Posted on February 19, 2013 by ari

Okay, I’m kind of lying when I say “just a click.” Really it would be awesome if you could donate money! Even $5 would be a real help. But if you don’t have $5, please, at least forward this link. Let me tell you why!

My friend Issa Nyaphaga is an amazing artist from a village called Nditam in Cameroon. In the 1990s he was imprisoned and tortured because of his political cartoons. He’s been in exile for years but is heading back to Nditam, where there is still no running water, electricity, schools, hospitals, or public news service, to start a renewable energy-powered radio station in the rainforest. Radio Taboo will provide a platform for citizen journalists reporting on local issues.

As part of the project, initially supported by a small seed grant from National Geographic, a radio tower will be built, and IssueTV will be making a 20 minute film.

Issa is an amazing person, truly generous and giving and progressive – and he’s an incredible artist and media maker. I really love him and his cause, and hope that this project gets the funding it needs. You can help make it happen with your donations, and/or with your sharing this link with people and networks you know who may want to support Issa and Radio Taboo. Thank you in advance for any likes, shares, tweets, reblogs, etc.!

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