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A new site for a new sustainable toy company

We made this new WordPress for the very talented Ithaca-local Lily Silly, who’s having a Puppet Art show on Friday, April 5, First Friday, at Bloom. Lily will be showing her brand new puppets, all made from reclaimed materials and found objects at her off-grid homestead. The event is from 5-8pm and there may be […]

VIDEO: Women healing the world

“The biggest event in human history is the rise of women to full partnership with men, because it’s only that partnership that’s going to allow the world to flourish.” Right on! Let’s do it, sisters! See also: Our “gender” bookshelf on Goodreads Our Delicious links tagged with Gender Our Delicious links tagged with Feminism

Now these are real family values

This video showing a mom and son being really open and truthful with each other about (internalized) homophobia and coming out. Thanks to both of them for sharing this beautiful moment of growth with the world. This video made me cry because I too grew up in an accepting family but took a very long […]

Questions for Non-Vegans

“When We Met” by me When I was a kid I could get very near deer but was told not to let them get unafraid of me, lest they walk up to a hunter later and be killed. Even today, deer seem like they’d like to interact with us, and I know I’d like to […]

Say Happy Holidays to the Earth and Your Neighbors

Holidays can be a lot brighter when we give without hurting the earth (with excess packaging, plastic junk, planned-to-be-obsolete electronics, etc.), and when we’re conscious of where we’re sending our money. If you buy a cookie-cutter gift that everyone else is getting from a big box store where workers are being exploited and money is […]

Our Foodshed

We are trying to eat as locally as possible and preserve food for the winter. It’s an adventure!

Do I own these trees or do these trees own me?

Here we are in our new home, and it’s a whole new way of life! In just a couple of months we’ve learned what it is to be householders – a term that comes with a lot of responsibility and a beautiful sense of belonging.

Video: Intro to New Earth Living

I just made this video for an amazing new cohousing project, which is being developed in downtown Ithaca by Susan Cosentini. Ari is making the website, which will be launching soon at newearthliving.net Intro to New Earth Living from Shira Golding on Vimeo.

Shabby Chic

My mom moved to Ithaca this summer and calls our city’s appearance “shabby chic.” She likes the way the houses are broken up into multiple apartments, a little home stuck in above the garage or in the garden shed, front lawns and the places along the curb bursting with flowers and vegetables instead of grass. […]

Ithacans: Vote on May 18th in the Ithaca City School District election

There’s an upcoming Ithaca City School District election. The polls are open noon-9pm on May 18th. This is a very important election and we need the community to come out and vote for candidates who will help ensure equity remains a top priority for our district. Please spread the word and bring your friends to […]

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