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Year-End Giving: Good People, Good Projects

If you have money to donate, hooray, that’s awesome! Here are some organizations and causes we love who can use support. Check them out if you want some ideas… Help protect our environment Community Environmental Defense Council Finger Lakes ReUse Indigenous Environmental Network Rainforest Action Network Shaleshock Sustainable Tompkins Support Economic Justice Alternatives Impact Socialist […]

Help a village in Cameroon with a click

Okay, I’m kind of lying when I say “just a click.” Really it would be awesome if you could donate money! Even $5 would be a real help. But if you don’t have $5, please, at least forward this link. Let me tell you why!

Documentary as Horror: The scariest synchronized gymnastics routine you’ll ever see

A State of Mind is a documentary about gymnasts preparing for the Mass Games in North Korea. It’s terrifying to me, to watch so many people working so hard and denying their own needs for so long, to meet this crazy goal of putting on a huge show for a guy who may or may […]

Shirari Peace and Love Podcast #7: May Day 2012

In honor of International Workers Day and the Mayan calendar, we offer a 7th installment of Shirari’s Peace and Love Podcast. (Our last episode was way back in February 2009!) Listen for an update on our lives, our perspective on Occupy and 2012 and the idea of apocalypse, activist resources and tips, and a general […]

Body Talk: The female body as an instrument of knowing

I’m reading Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs‘ Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype, an empowering and healing experience. This morning a passage made me cry in empathetic joy, so I thought I’d share it: A friend and I once performed a tandem storytelling called “Body Talk” about discovering the […]

For the Love of Mushrooms

I just did Yoga for the first time. Thanks YouTube.

And thank you to Esther Ekhart, and to Isaac and Dara for inspiring me! That was a great workout. I think I found my new favorite way to exercise… Are you into yoga? Any advice for me?

Pepperspray: History repeated

WARNING: Videos contain scenes of intense police brutality / torture. So, some cops sprayed some nonviolent protesters at UC Davis with pepperspray. You can watch it above – it’s gut-wrenching. It made me cry. The way the students respond is inspiring. The way they’re continuing to occupy the UC Davis campus is also inspiring. Click […]

Video: Support Wild Things Sanctuary

I just finished making this video for Wild Things Sanctuary, an amazing local nonprofit that “is dedicated to helping native wildlife through rescuing and rehabilitating debilitated and orphaned/displaced animals until they are ready for release back into the wild.” Watch the video!

Our Foodshed

We are trying to eat as locally as possible and preserve food for the winter. It’s an adventure!

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