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A big part of what makes Ithaca, NY and the surrounding Tompkins County so great is a spirit of sharing. After participating in and hearing about all kinds of creative efforts to share resources from clothing swaps to potlucks, we got really excited about the idea of creating a group that could track all the local resources that help people meet their needs as well as organize our own sharing events.

We held an open community meeting at our home in May 2009 to see if others were interested, and sure enough over 30 people came out to create Share Tompkins. In addition to organizing monthly events like Community Swap Meets and Really Really Free Markets where people give away and barter goods and services, we maintain a resource directory and are developing partnerships with other organizations like the Southside Community Center to deepen our reach.

Share Tompkins was recognized by Sustainable Tompkins as a “2009 Sign of Sustainability” and has been featured in numerous online and print publications including Yes! Magazine, Shareable.net, The Ithaca Journal and Treehugger.

In addition to organizing and promoting events, we created the Share Tompkins logo and website, design event posters, and document the project through photos and videos.


More photos!


Share Tompkins Community Swap Meet #2 from Shira Golding on Vimeo.

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    We have been featured in the NY Times, Yes! Magazine, Shareable.net, Treehugger, Forbes.com, Positive News, The Ithaca Journal, Alternet.org, The Ithacan, ABC News, more...