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An illustration for Fair Trade: Niche Markets or Norm Change? by April Linton

Want your website or print materials to have a one-of-a-kind feel? We can do custom illustrations of anything and everything. We can also help you make complicated ideas easy to understand with custom infographics and charts.

As well as incorporating original illustrations into graphic design projects, our work has been seen in publications including The Indypendent and The Socialist.

Poster art created by Shira for Cornell University’s Garden-Based Learning Program

Promotional graphics created by Ari for freeDimensional

“Uncle Samantha” illustration created by Ari for The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center (NYC), later used by Burgundy Crescent Volunteers (shown here)

A group of young women at Girls for Gender Equity sketched a design with stick figures to combat street harassment, and had us translate it into this poster so they could distribute it in NYC. It’s available online right here.

An illustration of Ithaca builders and diggers, folks Ari mentioned in her article, “Vegan Cookies and Radical Social Change” (Socialist Women, 2009)

We created this design for Southside Community Center’s Congo Square Market in Ithaca; it integrates logo art and a painting by local artists with our illustration and design work

We created this original art for COMRADES: The Chinese LGBT Film Festival brought to New York by Asia Catalyst (Summer 2008); it was used on posters, websites, t-shirts, and other promotional materials

An illustration for “Health Care in My Life” by Jay Goldspinner (Socialist Women, Summer 2007)

Cover art for the International Women’s Day issue of Socialist Women, Spring 2009

We did this art for Lioness, along with the poster and website and other outreach materials for the movie.

Album art for Frac Attack Sessions, the soundtrack CDs we sold to benefit our community film project, Frac Attack: Dawn of the Watershed

Looking for custom illustration work or infographics? We’d love to hear from you!

Click here to check out our shop for prints, shirts and hoodies, mugs, aprons, books, and other items featuring our artwork.

We can also make commissioned portraits based on your favorite photographs.

Click here for info about custom tattoo art:

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