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Tattoo Commissions

Matching friendly peanut tattoos!

Are you dreaming of a tattoo design you want someone to draw for you? Send us your sketches or notes and we’ll turn your idea into line art or selectively shaded art to bring to your tattoo artist. You’ll get a rough sketch to make sure you like the way the art is shaping up, and then you’ll get your final art as a high-resolution JPEG that you can print or email. We retain the right to display the image as an example of our work; we’ll link to you every time if you supply us with a link to your website.

Tattoos based on photographs are $30; original art with no photo reference is $50. For designs that include more than one human or animal, please add $10 for each additional figure.

Portrait based on a photo, for a memorial tattoo

Custom bird tattoo art

We also do commissioned portraits:

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