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“To find graphic designers who are not only talented at their craft, but who are also committed to making the world a better place was not easy. But we found it in Shirari Industries. Shira was not only flexible, knowledgeable, and responsive, she was also excited about our publication and this guided her to make it even better than we could have anticipated.”
— Tara Mack and Bree Picower, Co-Editors of Planning to Change the World: A Planbook for Social Justice Teachers, produced by New York Collective of Radical Educators and the Education for Liberation Network

“Working with Shirari Industries was just about an ideal experience. We had a really specific artistic vision and absolutely no idea how to go about realizing it. Ari basically was able to interpret our clumsy ideas and turn them into a website that was exactly what we had in our minds. Magic. Not only that, but it was lots of fun working on the project. It felt more like a true collaboration with a talented partner than a traditional ‘client’ relationship. Integrating videos into the website as a way to communicate what we do on our farm has been really fun for our customers. The feedback on the website has been overwhelming. People really love it. It feels like so much more than self promotion on the internet. It feels like a way to tell people who we really are and what we really do.”
— Autumn Stoscheck, Co-Owner, Eve’s Cidery

“Shira Evergreen has assisted Sustainable Tompkins with our marketing campaign for the Finger Lakes Climate Fund by shooting and editing a series of video cameos of those using the Fund. Shira organized the film shoots, took additional footage to enhance the storytelling experience, added music, text, and logos to create a compelling and highly professional package of marketing materials. We are excited to be working with her on this project, and look forward to further collaboration. Shira made a strong impression on our Board of Directors with her leadership in creating Share Tompkins and helping the Ithaca Freeskool develop important infrastructure for collaborative consumption. We are delighted to welcome her to our Board of Directors, and to work with her in organizing screenings of her film Empowered through our Finger Lakes Bioneers film series. Shira is very organized and skilled in her approach to marketing and outreach, and very responsive to input from clients.”
— Gay Nicholson, Executive Director, Sustainable Tompkins

“I have hired Shirari Industries for a variety of projects that I’ve either led or consulted on … for freeDimensional, Astraea Lesbian Justice Foundation, Global Arts Corps, and for the development of my own personal website and social media strategy. They are simply great to work with!! They’re always ahead of deadline and go the extra mile to make their client happy. They are also very sensitive to pricing and making their services affordable to a range of projects/people… that esprit makes distance work with folks in other countries more feasible… and even more fun.”
— Todd Lester, Executive Director, Global Arts Corps

“Thanks so much for tweeting our article… That is most useful… I also went to a Huffington Post article and posted a comment and link. 2 days later: www.huffingtonpost.com – So cool. I owe you more than one. With yours and others’ help about 20,000 copies of the page have been viewed plus lots of blogging/tweeting action plus all sorts of other stuff. Michael Pollan made it his last weekend’s tweet! We’ve had a great week. Thanks.”
— Jonathan Latham, Executive Director, The Bioscience Resource Project, after a social networking consultation

“It was a pleasure to work with an original, creative team that can support the vision of their clients and make that vision come to life. Thank you.”
— Nikki Marron, Breakthrough

“The site is way cool. Thanks for all your work — word on the road has been great!”
Humorist Kate Clinton

“Shira and Ari are able to conceive of an execute creative ideas throughout every step of the filmmaking process – from designing and authoring promotional materials for print and the web to cutting trailers to composing music. We considered Shirari to be an integral part of our film’s creative team and I would work with them again without hesitation on almost any part of a film’s creation.”
— Filmmaker Beth Davenport, Arts Engine

“Working with Shira has felt like a partnership between their business and our organization. She is invested in the work we do and remains committed to supporting our needs in a variety of ways – from illustration and design to leading a youth video workshop. Because she has experience in many of the facets of our work – curriculum, website, and youth development – she has an understanding of our goals, priorities, and resources that we would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. We have been particularly impressed with her commitment to helping our vision to take flight in a highly visual manner.”
— Angela McGregor, Cornell University Garden-Based Learning Program

“I have been getting great feedback from all involved on the site. The teachers are inspired to teach more… [Co-founder Dr. Allison Stern Rosen] is moved… the project is energized. Your work really helps us all see how much we have accomplished!”
— Co-Founder Martha Eddy, Moving On Aerobics

“I love the bunnies. Your bunny-instinct is impeccable. So, so cute.”
— Writer Jonah Tully

“You’ve really created a winner. Everyone that has seen [the illustration] loves it. Thanks again for such creative work!”
— Corporate Relations Officer Daniel Whitman, The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center

“Oh my God! This is so exciting, we’re doing a dance in the office.”
— Brenda Nieborsky, then the Associate Director of Scenarios USA

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