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Shira’s Photography

Shira take lots of photos.

She takes photos of things that she finds beautiful or interesting or shocking. She documents convergences and happenings. She chronicles street art and mushrooms and travels.

Shira’s work has been seen at The Brooklyn Museum, Bushwick Open Studios and the Ithaca Public Library and featured in dozens of websites including Engadget, NPR, TreeHugger, StreetsBlog and FILE Magazine.

Shira shoots digitally using a Canon Powershot G9 and shares her photos on Flickr using a Creative Commons non-commercial, non-derivative, attribution license.

Get in touch if you’d like to publish one of Shira’s photos online or in print. She can also come to your event and take photos, especially if you live near Ithaca, NY.

Here is some of Shira’s best work:

Shira’s photos have been featured in:

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