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Tompkins Time Traders: A new site for a new time banking network

Shira and I have been working with a local time banking effort for quite a while now, which is just about to enter an active recruitment phase. Here’s a simple little WordPress I put together for them, using the free Pytheas theme by WPExplorer. It serves as a portal to time banking software developed by […]

Support Ithaca Hours – help our community make its own money!

Make a donation to help Ithaca Hours create a mobile payment system – even $20 will really help! We really care about Ithaca Hours because it’s a way for our community to keep our wealth in our local area, instead of sending it out to line the pockets of international corporations. Click here to learn […]

Convenience is an illusion

Recently at an event here in Ithaca where folks were discussing the future of our economy, a friend of ours pointed out that a lot of alternatives to the status quo (capitalism, big box stores, etc.) are inconvenient. He said that this might be a barrier to folks adopting these alternatives, and asked if we […]

Hope for the future: The power of the positive

I’m really happy a lot of the time. I’m also very hopeful about the future. Seriously, I sit around thinking and drawing and writing about all the wonderful things human beings are doing, how beautiful the future could be, and how glorious and resilient our environment is, all the time. Like for hours every day. […]

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