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7 books scored at dollar-a-bag day at the Friends of the Library Book Sale

Here in Ithaca, there are a lot of smart people with good taste in books. So, the donations that end up at the Friends of the Library Book Sale are generally pretty awesome. This year we went on the day toward the very end where you can fill up a whole plastic bag with books […]

So these are fun

Dark Matter Rap by Coma Niddy. Via The Mary Sue Anxiety. Ask Amy. Ep. 7, featuring Aubrey Plaza. Via Feministing Tard the grumpy cat. Via Huffington Post

Animal Architecture: Chabutra

I just learned about another form of architecture for animals that I missed in my big post! Chabutros or chabutras are structures in India that are built for pigeons and other birds. Birds can rest and eat together, and Wikipedia says, “The base and the surrounding area of this structure serves as a gathering place […]

The moment I stopped eating meat

After I made my Vegan Evolution video, I realized I had left out an important story – the moment I stopped eating meat! Watch this short video to learn about the pivotal moment in my life when I went from being a meat lover, to never eating meat again. the moment i stopped eating meat […]

More Animal Architecture: Bridges for Animals

Check out this awesome collection of photos: Unusual Bridges For Animals – Wildlife Overpasses. I love the one for hermit crabs! It’s amazing to me that animals can so easily learn to use something so artificial, simply because it mimics nature and presents a safer alternative to roads. Yay for human ingenuity!

Animal Architecture

Horst’s Mason Bee Village Animal habitats get smaller and smaller as humans take up more and more space – but we can help make the human world safer and healthier so animals can enjoy it, too. I’ve found some really cool buildings that are built by humans for animals, and I thought I’d share, in […]

VIDEO: I have a confession

Want to see a vegan cry? Here you go. This is the first time I’ve ever made a video like this. Yesterday I did something I deeply regret; this is me repenting. I’ve never been this honest and open before, about how I feel about animals, so it’s a little scary, but I think it’s […]

Boys are getting cooler

Via The Mary Sue: Bronies Buck Traditional Masculinity With My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

O Earth: Glaucus atlanticus

I just learned about Glaucus atlanticus, a.k.a. sea swallow, blue glaucus, blue sea slug, blue ocean slug, or “Glucose Fish”, and wow they are awesome. What a wonderful world we live in, that these are our neighbors. Photo: Life of Sea Sea Slug Forum: Glaucus atlanticus Wikipedia: Glaucus atlanticus Life of Sea: Life of Blue […]

Anyone out there on Pinterest?

I started a Pinterest account a while ago. Here it is: pinterest.com/arievergreen If you’re on there too, leave a comment so I can go see your pins…

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