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Clearcutting and whalehunting

Now I’ve seen clearcutting for the first time. Forests so deep and rich they’re like cathedrals, the trees dripping with moss and ferns, alive with singing birds, and then – acres and acres of silent dry land and dessicated stumps. I visited a museum of Native American culture and read a lot of texts celebrating […]

Catios and Cat Enclosures

Since our cats are stuck inside all the time (we care as much about the local songbirds and mice and voles as we do about our cat friends), we want to make sure they’re happy. Our last place had a lot of great high-up cat-walks for them to enjoy, and this place has a couple […]

This one’s for you, animal family

I’ve realized recently that I don’t speak up enough for animals. I fear bothering people. I know that for me, going vegan was a long and sometimes jarring process. I remember feeling afraid and guilty and very challenged and uncomfortable at times. I remember that the idea of changing my life in what felt like […]

Warriors: Man, being a feral cat must be rough

Thanks to J for giving me Warriors: Into the Wild! It’s a young adult novel of the entertaining-to-adults variety, and there’s a graphic novel version as well. It’s part of a series about feral cats and their culture – but crossed with very anthropomorphic yet entertaining mythologies and intrigues. What a cool book. I can’t […]

Nim Chimpsky, humans, and the animal family

An activist friend of mine, Jesse Lokahi Heiwa, sent me a link to Chris Colin’s The chimp who thought he was a boy, a Salon interview with Elizabeth Hess on her new biography, Nim Chimpsky: The Chimp Who Would Be Human. What a read. I was once interested in doing sign language research with primates, […]

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