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Unexpected casual racism

Shira and I were watching a documentary we found on Netflix, A Program About Unusual Buildings & Other Roadside Stuff, when something rubbed me the wrong way: Unexpected casual racism and sexism!

Buckminster, you make my life so much Fuller!

On Saturday, September 29th, Ari and I had the pleasure of attending a “live documentary” at Cornell Cinema called the The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller. With live commentary by director Sam Green and featuring a score performed live by Yo La Tengo, we were amazed that the tickets were only $20. We’ve been […]

Things our house and land have taught us

We moved to our new place a little over a year ago now. I keep thinking of this thing Ed Begley said, something along the lines of, “A house is like a ship. You have to keep the ship running.” I heard those words back when we were living in Bushwick, Brooklyn, living in a […]

Animal Architecture: Chabutra

I just learned about another form of architecture for animals that I missed in my big post! Chabutros or chabutras are structures in India that are built for pigeons and other birds. Birds can rest and eat together, and Wikipedia says, “The base and the surrounding area of this structure serves as a gathering place […]

More Animal Architecture: Bridges for Animals

Check out this awesome collection of photos: Unusual Bridges For Animals – Wildlife Overpasses. I love the one for hermit crabs! It’s amazing to me that animals can so easily learn to use something so artificial, simply because it mimics nature and presents a safer alternative to roads. Yay for human ingenuity!

Animal Architecture

Horst’s Mason Bee Village Animal habitats get smaller and smaller as humans take up more and more space – but we can help make the human world safer and healthier so animals can enjoy it, too. I’ve found some really cool buildings that are built by humans for animals, and I thought I’d share, in […]

Five scary movies set in interesting houses

The apartment building from Walled In I’m an architecture fan, so most of my favorite films prominently feature awesome buildings. I like movies where the setting is a character – when Wes Anderson zoomed out and showed the yellow submarine in cross section, in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, it totally made my day. […]

Three Special Caves

Caves are so interesting. They’re as large and beautiful as cathedrals or temples, but they’re natural. No one had to haul stone to make these huge spaces – they just grew that way. Here are images of three caves so mysterious and awe-inspiring that they’ve become religious pilgrimage sites… 1. Batu Caves, Malaysia (Photo by […]

Anyone out there on Pinterest?

I started a Pinterest account a while ago. Here it is: pinterest.com/arievergreen If you’re on there too, leave a comment so I can go see your pins…

Cat Furniture and Built-ins

Check out the Plus-Nyan house in Japan – this is the kind of thing I dream about, for our kitty friends. Sid and Zora and Snow don’t have many cat-specific hideouts and climbing opportunities in this apartment we’ve been living in, but I hope to change that when we move to our new place. In […]

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