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A Mysterious Documentary about a Mystery

The other day I happened on Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles, a documentary about some mysterious tiles. It’s captivating, and touching, and intriguing. And that’s all I’m going to say, because what I enjoyed most about this film was the suspense of not knowing what was coming – I wouldn’t even watch […]

RENEWBOT – Coming to the streets of Ithaca

21 Boxes is a public art initiative organized by the City of Ithaca Public Arts Commission, Mural Street Art Committee and Ithacans for Public Art. My design, the Renewbot, was selected to be painted on one of 21 electrical boxes around Ithaca! I’m waiting to find out which box is mine, but I’m hoping for […]

I ♥ Noelle Stevenson

Totally loving this blog and the art on it. Laughing at Pokeymans and falling in love with Hawkeye, even though I haven’t seen Avengers.

We finally broke down and made a shop. This is why.

We have issues with making and shipping objects for environmental reasons. And we have issues with selling things because it promotes consumerism. But we make art, and we would like to be able to sell it, so finally, we made a shop! We chose services that print on demand because they generate very little waste. […]

A Fair Trade Coffee Path

I don’t know if I ever shared this illustration! I did it years ago for a book, Fair Trade: Niche Markets or Norm Change? by April Linton. It was used three times, as this large illustration, and broken into parts that showed only producers and consumers. I never did track down a copy of the […]

Mustaches and beards

Need some art? Check out this Etsy shop featuring work by our friend Lauren Simkin Berke.

Three Cheers for San Francisco’s Knights of Revery

If you ever chance to be in San Francisco, California, please go see a show by the Knights of Revery. Shira and I were fortunate enough to be invited to one by our friend Josh, and I think I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was life-changingly awesome. A huge thank you to the […]

Kind comics

I love web comics and have been reading them religiously as long as I’ve had an internet connection. In the past year I discovered that a few I’d known and loved and read every day for a very long time were driving me crazy – little oppressive things here and there stopped being funny, then […]

A community can look like this

a community can look like this (color version) Originally uploaded by arimoore Shira and I continue to do research on our future housing options. The drawing here is me puzzling over certain house types and just messing around with pretty shapes. (I feel like I’m getting better at drawing trees freehand thanks to all of […]

New and wonderful things from Lavender Diamond

Becky Stark and the adorably wonderful peace-loving folks of Lavender Diamond are working on a new video project, Imagine Our Love. Click for info, beautiful film stills and production photos like the one above, and art for auction, proceeds to support the video. Also, look: Ron Regé, the band’s resident illustrator (of Peace Comics fame) […]

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