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Introducing The Eutopian

Hey! I’m now blogging at TheEutopian.com. I post a lot of things I get from radical and progressive mailing lists and contacts, and am going to continue to add activist art and resources to it. I really appreciate feedback, including criticisms. Thank you, peace!

Where has all the blogging gone?

We’re blogging elsewhere and haven’t been updating this one much! Here’s where to find the action: Sustainability: Empowered: Power from the People Animal rights: Living a Vegan Life in Ithaca Economic justice and sharing culture: Share Tompkins

I ♥ Noelle Stevenson

Totally loving this blog and the art on it. Laughing at Pokeymans and falling in love with Hawkeye, even though I haven’t seen Avengers.

Calling all vegans: Stand up and be counted!

If you didn’t know, I run a vegan blog and link listing called Vegan Ithaca. Here’s a recent post I thought folks might be interested in! Calling all vegans: Stand up and be counted!

New at Vegan Ithaca

I’ve been making some improvements to my Vegan Ithaca blog. Check out these new pages: Why Vegan? Recommended Reading Famous Quotes about Animals Let me know what you think!

Kind comics

I love web comics and have been reading them religiously as long as I’ve had an internet connection. In the past year I discovered that a few I’d known and loved and read every day for a very long time were driving me crazy – little oppressive things here and there stopped being funny, then […]

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