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7 books scored at dollar-a-bag day at the Friends of the Library Book Sale

Here in Ithaca, there are a lot of smart people with good taste in books. So, the donations that end up at the Friends of the Library Book Sale are generally pretty awesome. This year we went on the day toward the very end where you can fill up a whole plastic bag with books […]

I Won the Share or Die Storytelling Contest!

Shareable is a really great website focused on all things sharing. I’ve contributed photos to their site in the past and wrote an article for them on how to organize a community swap meet. So when they announced the “Share or Die” storytelling contest, I was psyched to participate. I made a short video about […]

VIDEO: My Vegan Evolution

Thanks so much for the encouraging comments and emails about my confession video! I have another one for you here – it’s 25 minutes long but I hope it’s interesting. I’ll make the next one shorter. Vegan Evolution from Ari Evergreen on Vimeo. This video is about my vegan evolution, so you get to hear […]

A Fair Trade Coffee Path

I don’t know if I ever shared this illustration! I did it years ago for a book, Fair Trade: Niche Markets or Norm Change? by April Linton. It was used three times, as this large illustration, and broken into parts that showed only producers and consumers. I never did track down a copy of the […]

Body Talk: The female body as an instrument of knowing

I’m reading Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs‘ Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype, an empowering and healing experience. This morning a passage made me cry in empathetic joy, so I thought I’d share it: A friend and I once performed a tandem storytelling called “Body Talk” about discovering the […]

Some really good books for activists

This is a list of books I’ve found very helpful as an activist – from good strategy to essential history to inspiring personal narratives, these are eye-openers and life-changers…

Warriors: Man, being a feral cat must be rough

Thanks to J for giving me Warriors: Into the Wild! It’s a young adult novel of the entertaining-to-adults variety, and there’s a graphic novel version as well. It’s part of a series about feral cats and their culture – but crossed with very anthropomorphic yet entertaining mythologies and intrigues. What a cool book. I can’t […]

Victor Papanek’s Design for the Real World

We’ve mentioned Victor Papanek’s Design for the Real World a bunch of times but never blogged it properly, so here goes. Read it! It’s amazing. It was written in 1970 but is still all-too-relevant today. The cover of our awesome 1973 Bantam edition (pictured here), reads, “Why the Things You Buy Are Expensive, Unsafe, and […]

Nim Chimpsky, humans, and the animal family

An activist friend of mine, Jesse Lokahi Heiwa, sent me a link to Chris Colin’s The chimp who thought he was a boy, a Salon interview with Elizabeth Hess on her new biography, Nim Chimpsky: The Chimp Who Would Be Human. What a read. I was once interested in doing sign language research with primates, […]

Books: Searchable, free, earth-friendly, and extremely organized

I read a lot and am always keeping lists of books I want to read. After cutting and pasting into text documents for years it occurred to me there must be a better way to do this; sure enough, there is. I tried LibraryThing (not free after 300 books!) and Google’s My Library (lousy interactivity […]

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