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7 books scored at dollar-a-bag day at the Friends of the Library Book Sale

Here in Ithaca, there are a lot of smart people with good taste in books. So, the donations that end up at the Friends of the Library Book Sale are generally pretty awesome. This year we went on the day toward the very end where you can fill up a whole plastic bag with books […]

So these are fun

Dark Matter Rap by Coma Niddy. Via The Mary Sue Anxiety. Ask Amy. Ep. 7, featuring Aubrey Plaza. Via Feministing Tard the grumpy cat. Via Huffington Post

Cat Furniture and Built-ins

Check out the Plus-Nyan house in Japan – this is the kind of thing I dream about, for our kitty friends. Sid and Zora and Snow don’t have many cat-specific hideouts and climbing opportunities in this apartment we’ve been living in, but I hope to change that when we move to our new place. In […]

Sid, Zora and Snow: Carnivores We Love

Our rescued feral cat friends, Sid, Zora, and Snow, were vegan for years, and I still sometimes get emails from people asking me how they’re doing. They’re doing great – but they’re not vegan anymore! All three girls are happily eating canned and dry food made from other animals, and have been for some time. […]

Catios and Cat Enclosures

Since our cats are stuck inside all the time (we care as much about the local songbirds and mice and voles as we do about our cat friends), we want to make sure they’re happy. Our last place had a lot of great high-up cat-walks for them to enjoy, and this place has a couple […]

Video: Trap, Neuter, Release with Kristin – Ithaca Freeskool Distance Learning

Local animal advocate and TNR expert Kristin Lang demonstrates how to trap feral cats so that they can be spayed or neutered and returned to the wild. Ari shot it and I edited it! Trap, Neuter, Release with Kristin – Ithaca Freeskool Distance Learning from Shira Golding on Vimeo. The Ithaca Freeskool brings people together […]

This one’s for you, animal family

I’ve realized recently that I don’t speak up enough for animals. I fear bothering people. I know that for me, going vegan was a long and sometimes jarring process. I remember feeling afraid and guilty and very challenged and uncomfortable at times. I remember that the idea of changing my life in what felt like […]

Warriors: Man, being a feral cat must be rough

Thanks to J for giving me Warriors: Into the Wild! It’s a young adult novel of the entertaining-to-adults variety, and there’s a graphic novel version as well. It’s part of a series about feral cats and their culture – but crossed with very anthropomorphic yet entertaining mythologies and intrigues. What a cool book. I can’t […]

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