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Some new web work

Here’s a new Tumblr I set up for Tompkins County Workers Center, to go with the site we made for them. And here’s a new site for Rabbi Sid Schwarz, which I helped him to finish and launch. I didn’t do the design work except for the slideshow — my work was mostly in integrating […]

Where has all the blogging gone?

We’re blogging elsewhere and haven’t been updating this one much! Here’s where to find the action: Sustainability: Empowered: Power from the People Animal rights: Living a Vegan Life in Ithaca Economic justice and sharing culture: Share Tompkins

Community wisdom: Working for yourself vs. having a job

I just found these photos I took of the notepaper we used during the Be Your Own Boss Ithaca Freeskool workshop Shira and I held on March 26th at Southside Community Center. You can watch the whole thing on video here. What we want to talk about (brainstorm and vote): What are the advantages of […]

Victor Papanek’s Design for the Real World

We’ve mentioned Victor Papanek’s Design for the Real World a bunch of times but never blogged it properly, so here goes. Read it! It’s amazing. It was written in 1970 but is still all-too-relevant today. The cover of our awesome 1973 Bantam edition (pictured here), reads, “Why the Things You Buy Are Expensive, Unsafe, and […]

Shirari’s Peace and Love Podcast #2: Housing

We’re sure that you’ve been on the edge of your seats ever since we released our first podcast. Well, edge-dwell no more – here’s the second installment. In this edition we discuss the topic of housing, focusing on our upcoming move to Ithaca, NY where we are exploring the idea of building our own home […]

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