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Year-End Giving: Good People, Good Projects

If you have money to donate, hooray, that’s awesome! Here are some organizations and causes we love who can use support. Check them out if you want some ideas… Help protect our environment Community Environmental Defense Council Finger Lakes ReUse Indigenous Environmental Network Rainforest Action Network Shaleshock Sustainable Tompkins Support Economic Justice Alternatives Impact Socialist […]

Another new WordPress, for a local climate conference

Climate Smart & Climate Ready is a conference coming up in Ithaca, New York, April 18-21. Thanks to Sustainable Tompkins for bringing us in to help out with the WordPress! We built this quick WP using the responsive, mobile-friendly Twenty Twelve theme. Click here to register for the Conference and click here to check out […]

Julia Butterfly Hill on Disposability Consciousness

“I have seen the weapons of mass destruction called disposability consciousness. And if we want to heal the world we have to begin to use tools of mass compassion.”

Fresh off the WordPress: Frac Attack

I’m sure Shira will post something more detailed later, but I’m excited about a new WordPress site we just set up yesterday, so I’ll write about the tech for now! Frac Attack: Dawn of the Watershed is up at fracattackthemovie.com. It’s an evolving site (the About page hasn’t been made yet, for example!), so keep […]

What the Frac?!

Behold the teaser for Frack Attack, a short environmental zombie thriller that we’re making with the Dacha Project: Frac Attack Teaser from Shira Golding on Vimeo.

Shale Shocked

There are many factors that contribute to the fertility and productivity of land that are beyond a landowners’ direct control. One of the major issues we need to consider in New York State is natural gas drilling. Ever since the development of more commercially-viable drilling techniques around 2000, major oil companies have been going to […]

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