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Two Good Big-Picture Docs

This week I’ve watched two good documentaries about the big picture – where we’re headed right now. One of them focuses on debt, the other on technological “progress” run amok. Both are well worth a watch (and are available on instant play, on Netflix). And both are based on books, which I imagine are also […]

If you’re unemployed, it’s not because there isn’t any work

If you’re unemployed it’s not because there isn’t any work Just look around: A housing shortage, crime, pollution; we need better schools and parks. Whatever our needs, they all require work. And as long as we have unsatisfied needs, there’s work to be done. So ask yourself, what kind of world has work but no […]

I Am a Hypocrite

I Am a Hypocrite from Ari Evergreen on Vimeo. How do you know if you’re a good or bad person? Do those categories even make sense? Please let me know what you think about this video – your emails and comments mean a lot to me. Thanks!

VIDEO: My Vegan Evolution

Thanks so much for the encouraging comments and emails about my confession video! I have another one for you here – it’s 25 minutes long but I hope it’s interesting. I’ll make the next one shorter. Vegan Evolution from Ari Evergreen on Vimeo. This video is about my vegan evolution, so you get to hear […]

Frackers vs. activist-photographers: The activists win

Check out this interesting story about a photo I posted for a fellow activist on Flickr! WSKG Busted! Shilling for Gas Industry (Bill Huston’s Blog). In short, WSKG printed an article that was basically a reprint of a press release by natural gas industry folks, who had arranged a study that apparently showed that regulations […]

Please don’t support sweatshops

If you’re vegan, if you’re a human rights activist, if you care about justice and fairness at all – please do not support sweatshops. Shira and I buy our undies and socks and such from companies that use fair trade organic cotton and hemp and which pay their workers a fair wage. (For other stuff […]

Calling all vegans: Stand up and be counted!

If you didn’t know, I run a vegan blog and link listing called Vegan Ithaca. Here’s a recent post I thought folks might be interested in! Calling all vegans: Stand up and be counted!

Clearcutting and whalehunting

Now I’ve seen clearcutting for the first time. Forests so deep and rich they’re like cathedrals, the trees dripping with moss and ferns, alive with singing birds, and then – acres and acres of silent dry land and dessicated stumps. I visited a museum of Native American culture and read a lot of texts celebrating […]

Questions for Non-Vegans

“When We Met” by me When I was a kid I could get very near deer but was told not to let them get unafraid of me, lest they walk up to a hunter later and be killed. Even today, deer seem like they’d like to interact with us, and I know I’d like to […]

A healthy and green cup of coffee

In my striving for a cup of coffee that is as healthy and green (and tasty) as I can get it, here’s my new setup! Coffee: Shade-grown, songbird-friendly, cooperative produced / fair trade, bought at a food coop, decaffeinated Filter: Reusable hemp filter by Cusp Natural Products Water boiler: Cuisinart KUA-17 cordless automatic kettle, the […]

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