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Drunk History: Nikola Tesla

Crispin Glover (Thomas Edison) vs. John C. Reilly (Nikola Tesla), electric anti-capitalist. Warning, this is told by a narrator so drunk he throws up halfway through. Which kind of makes it even more memorable, as a history lesson.

Underground city map

A map of the “underground city” of Derinkuyu, Turkey. Via Urban Cartography. Check this out too: Cross-Sections: Burrows, tunnels, buildings, layers of earth

Nim Chimpsky, humans, and the animal family

An activist friend of mine, Jesse Lokahi Heiwa, sent me a link to Chris Colin’s The chimp who thought he was a boy, a Salon interview with Elizabeth Hess on her new biography, Nim Chimpsky: The Chimp Who Would Be Human. What a read. I was once interested in doing sign language research with primates, […]

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