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A new WordPress website for New Earth Living!

We’re very proud to announce a new website, complete with an introductory video, that we produced for New Earth Living! Please check it out to learn about their amazing work in Ithaca and beyond, and let us know what you think. newearthliving.net

Video: Intro to New Earth Living

I just made this video for an amazing new cohousing project, which is being developed in downtown Ithaca by Susan Cosentini. Ari is making the website, which will be launching soon at newearthliving.net Intro to New Earth Living from Shira Golding on Vimeo.

Whatever happened to Ahimsa Ecovillage?

Ahimsa Ecovillage was a vegan ecovillage project Shira and I were working on in 2008 and 2009. In fact, we moved to back to Ithaca with the intention of founding and living in this ecovillage! We still get a lot of visitors here looking for it, but it doesn’t exist anymore – it turned into […]

An update on Ahimsa, our vegan ecovillage project

Club Veg Southern Tier has invited us to the Smart Monkey CafĂ© outing they’ve planned with The Ithaca Area Vegan Meetup Group. If you’re in the area, please join us – you can RSVP here. We’ve just updated and improved the project webpage and ic.org listing. We hope that it now provides a clearer and […]

A community can look like this

a community can look like this (color version) Originally uploaded by arimoore Shira and I continue to do research on our future housing options. The drawing here is me puzzling over certain house types and just messing around with pretty shapes. (I feel like I’m getting better at drawing trees freehand thanks to all of […]

Hope for the future: The power of the positive

I’m really happy a lot of the time. I’m also very hopeful about the future. Seriously, I sit around thinking and drawing and writing about all the wonderful things human beings are doing, how beautiful the future could be, and how glorious and resilient our environment is, all the time. Like for hours every day. […]

Shirari’s Peace and Love Podcast #2: Housing

We’re sure that you’ve been on the edge of your seats ever since we released our first podcast. Well, edge-dwell no more – here’s the second installment. In this edition we discuss the topic of housing, focusing on our upcoming move to Ithaca, NY where we are exploring the idea of building our own home […]

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