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If you’re unemployed, it’s not because there isn’t any work

If you’re unemployed it’s not because there isn’t any work Just look around: A housing shortage, crime, pollution; we need better schools and parks. Whatever our needs, they all require work. And as long as we have unsatisfied needs, there’s work to be done. So ask yourself, what kind of world has work but no […]

In Ithaca We Trust: Adventures in Local Currency

Among its many claims to fame, Ithaca is home to one of the world’s most famous alternative currencies – Ithaca Hours. Celebrating its 20th year, the currency was designed to keep money in the community and bolster local self-reliance. We are currently working with the Ithaca Hours nonprofit to create a new logo as they […]

Reverend Billy Preaching in Support of Public Assembly and Our People’s History

OCCUPY OUR OWN HISTORY. It was recently announced that the Pavilion in the North Plaza of Union Square in NYC, where the social justice greats sang and shouted in the seminal moments of peace and labor rights in this country – is leased to a restaurant. You can’t privatize Union Square. You can’t make us […]

Please don’t support sweatshops

If you’re vegan, if you’re a human rights activist, if you care about justice and fairness at all – please do not support sweatshops. Shira and I buy our undies and socks and such from companies that use fair trade organic cotton and hemp and which pay their workers a fair wage. (For other stuff […]

VIDEO: Rural farmers unite to feed Wall Street protestors

From November, 2011: “How rural farmers, an unemployed chef and a protestor named Heather are getting 1,000 dinners served at Occupy Wall Street every night”. I’m posting this because I just watched it and realized that Ithaca farmers get a shout out! I feel like our little city is a part of history in the […]

Community wisdom: Working for yourself vs. having a job

I just found these photos I took of the notepaper we used during the Be Your Own Boss Ithaca Freeskool workshop Shira and I held on March 26th at Southside Community Center. You can watch the whole thing on video here. What we want to talk about (brainstorm and vote): What are the advantages of […]

Video: Be Your Own Boss

On Saturday, March 26th, Shira and I held a two-hour Ithaca Freeskool workshop at Southside Community Center, called Be Your Own Boss: Freelancing & DIY Cottage Industry. You can watch the whole thing on video below! Read on for part II of the video.

A New WordPress Site for Tompkins County Workers’ Center

Before we moved to Ithaca we were researching where we should move to, and among our criteria was that our new home be politically active and dynamic. Ithaca scores high on that front, but not only as a mecca of sustainability action – among other groups focused on economic justice, this little town is home […]

Boots, leggings, and economic justice

I’m finally breaking down and buying some new, much-needed clothes – a second pair of leggings and a pair of warm, waterproof winter boots. After some searching I found the perfect stuff – as animal-friendly, worker-friendly, and environmentally-friendly as I could get it.

INFOGRAPHIC: Should I Work for Free?

Very useful flowchart: Should I work for free?

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