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For Barter or Worse: Please vote for my video about sharing!

One of my favorite sites, Shareable, is hosting a contest for stories about sharing. My submission to Share or Die is a 5-minute video about our experiences with sharing and bartering in Ithaca, through our business and through the groups Ithaca Freeskool and Share Tompkins. I hope you’ll watch my video and log-in to vote. […]

RENEWBOT – Coming to the streets of Ithaca

21 Boxes is a public art initiative organized by the City of Ithaca Public Arts Commission, Mural Street Art Committee and Ithacans for Public Art. My design, the Renewbot, was selected to be painted on one of 21 electrical boxes around Ithaca! I’m waiting to find out which box is mine, but I’m hoping for […]

Future blueberries and tomatoes

Photo: little seeds, will you grow? by Shira Evergreen Today we finally put our three baby tomato plants in our newly completed raised bed! We made the bed out of chunks of branch cut from an ailing tree on our land, arranged into an oval under one of the metal supports holding up our clothesline, […]

‘Tis the Season for Sharing and Bartering

In Ari’s recent blog post Say Happy Holidays to the Earth and Your Neighbors, she pointed out some great ways to get gifts while supporting your local economy. If you want to take traditional money out of the equation altogether, in Ithaca, you can come to one of three (count ‘em, three!) local events in […]

Say Happy Holidays to the Earth and Your Neighbors

Holidays can be a lot brighter when we give without hurting the earth (with excess packaging, plastic junk, planned-to-be-obsolete electronics, etc.), and when we’re conscious of where we’re sending our money. If you buy a cookie-cutter gift that everyone else is getting from a big box store where workers are being exploited and money is […]

Videos: Mycorrhizal Fungi and Orcharding with Eve’s Cidery

I recently finished two more videos for Eve’s Cidery… Orcharding with Autumn from Shira Golding on Vimeo.

Two shoots to go, and we’re screening in less than a month!

Empowered is a film Shira’s been working on for months and months with our friend Suzanne McMannis, the producer. I just finished the site for it and am psyched that we’ll have a place to share all the photos and videos emerging from the production. It’s been really cool getting to know more about the […]

Our Foodshed

We are trying to eat as locally as possible and preserve food for the winter. It’s an adventure!

More mushrooms than you could imagine

If you don’t watch this whole 7-minute video (you should, it’s great!), at least watch the first couple of minutes. You’ll see a massive shiitake farm, and hear about some unexpectedly negative aspects of the local foods movement. The Perennial Plate Episode 55: Mushroom Music from Daniel Klein on Vimeo. A trip to the Ozarks […]

Video: Grafting and Pruning at Eve’s Cidery

Ari is working on a new website for local organic orchard and cider producer Eve’s Cidery (coming soon) and I am making a series of videos that illuminate the various processes involved in bringing their products to market. Here are the first two videos: Grafting with Autumn and Celia from Shira Golding on Vimeo. Pruning […]

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