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Choose Love: Support DC subway ad efforts

Our friends at Rabbis for Human Rights – North America are raising funds to help bring their anti-hate ads to the DC Metro, now up in 20 NYC subway stations. (Shira actually resized the art for the DC series, which is how we heard about this campaign!) They write, As [Pamela] Geller’s racist ads have […]

7 books scored at dollar-a-bag day at the Friends of the Library Book Sale

Here in Ithaca, there are a lot of smart people with good taste in books. So, the donations that end up at the Friends of the Library Book Sale are generally pretty awesome. This year we went on the day toward the very end where you can fill up a whole plastic bag with books […]

I Am a Hypocrite

I Am a Hypocrite from Ari Evergreen on Vimeo. How do you know if you’re a good or bad person? Do those categories even make sense? Please let me know what you think about this video – your emails and comments mean a lot to me. Thanks!

Shirari Peace and Love Podcast #7: May Day 2012

In honor of International Workers Day and the Mayan calendar, we offer a 7th installment of Shirari’s Peace and Love Podcast. (Our last episode was way back in February 2009!) Listen for an update on our lives, our perspective on Occupy and 2012 and the idea of apocalypse, activist resources and tips, and a general […]

Video: Everything is OK

Thanks to my friend Caleb for sharing this with me on Facebook.

Shirari’s Peace and Love Podcast #6: Economies

Tune into the Wednesday, February 4th edition of our podcast to check out our snappy new format! We’ve broken the show into three segments to make it easier for folks to selectively listen to parts they’re interested in: Local Updates, in which we tell you about wonderful and exciting new developments in our local area, […]

Shirari’s Peace and Love Podcast #5: Top 8 Activist Strategies

After an update about Ithaca, Shaleshock and our vegan ecovillage project, we discuss our top eight best practices for changing the world and conclude the show with some ideas for a d.i.y. anticapitalist holiday season. Shirari’s Peace and Love Podcast #5: Top 8 Activist Strategies December 16, 2008 – 71 minutes – 95.5MB Show links: […]

Shirari’s Peace and Love Podcast #4: In Ithaca…

We moved to Ithaca! Listen to us discuss brimming gardens, local pirates, mushroom-growing workshops and more… Shirari’s Peace and Love Podcast #4: In Ithaca… » September 10, 2008 – 26 minutes – 23.7MB Show links: Read Constantine Cavafis’s poem, Ithaka Ahimsa Ecovillage: A vision for a low-cost, low-impact, vegan ecovillage in or near Ithaca, New […]

Shirari’s Peace and Love Podcast #3: Travel

Get ready for an hour and twelve minutes of non-stop queer vegan rambling! Wait, that didn’t sound particularly attractive. Rest assured it’ll be worth a listen – in this third installment of Shirari’s Peace and Love Podcast we talk about our recent trip to Israel, Amsterdam, and Iceland, and how we attempted to take best […]

New and wonderful things from Lavender Diamond

Becky Stark and the adorably wonderful peace-loving folks of Lavender Diamond are working on a new video project, Imagine Our Love. Click for info, beautiful film stills and production photos like the one above, and art for auction, proceeds to support the video. Also, look: Ron Regé, the band’s resident illustrator (of Peace Comics fame) […]

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