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Unexpected casual racism

Shira and I were watching a documentary we found on Netflix, A Program About Unusual Buildings & Other Roadside Stuff, when something rubbed me the wrong way: Unexpected casual racism and sexism!

Help kickstart a new documentary about American feminists

Recently we worked with the filmmakers behind She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, an upcoming documentary about American feminists in the 1960s and ’70s. We can’t wait to see the movie – but they need some support! Check out their Kickstarter right here. If you can’t contribute, consider passing their link on to your contacts – […]

Two Good Big-Picture Docs

This week I’ve watched two good documentaries about the big picture – where we’re headed right now. One of them focuses on debt, the other on technological “progress” run amok. Both are well worth a watch (and are available on instant play, on Netflix). And both are based on books, which I imagine are also […]

Buckminster, you make my life so much Fuller!

On Saturday, September 29th, Ari and I had the pleasure of attending a “live documentary” at Cornell Cinema called the The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller. With live commentary by director Sam Green and featuring a score performed live by Yo La Tengo, we were amazed that the tickets were only $20. We’ve been […]

Three Excellent Queer Films

It’s nice that not every gay movie these days has to be about AIDS and/or gay bashing. Not that these aren’t vital topics or that these films don’t avoid them entirely, but I’m hungry for queer narratives with subtlety, nuance and heart. These three are recent discoveries that really blew my mind.

Possessions and Exorcisms: Seven Movies Worth Watching

A still from Exorcismus Why would a utopian like movies about possessions and exorcisms? The vast majority of them are about an old white male priest (or charlatan, or researcher, or whatever) trying to get to the bottom of a mystery surrounding a usually-pretty young white woman, driven wild by whatever’s inside her (or whatever […]

Five scary movies set in interesting houses

The apartment building from Walled In I’m an architecture fan, so most of my favorite films prominently feature awesome buildings. I like movies where the setting is a character – when Wes Anderson zoomed out and showed the yellow submarine in cross section, in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, it totally made my day. […]

7 Documentaries I’ve been loving

These 7 films are all awesome! Found on Netflix. The Power of Forgiveness – very moving film featuring interviews with people from many different backgrounds, discussing forgiveness and how it can heal us and help the world. Mana: Beyond Belief – a great film with no narration, just excellent footage of people and the things […]

Shirari’s 2010 Film Picks

These are some of the films that we most enjoyed/found interesting in 2010: The Kids Are All Right Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Babies 127 Hours I Am Love Get Him to the Greek Exit Through the Gift Shop The Runaways I’m Still Here Black Swan

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