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Unexpected casual racism

Shira and I were watching a documentary we found on Netflix, A Program About Unusual Buildings & Other Roadside Stuff, when something rubbed me the wrong way: Unexpected casual racism and sexism!

I Am a Hypocrite

I Am a Hypocrite from Ari Evergreen on Vimeo. How do you know if you’re a good or bad person? Do those categories even make sense? Please let me know what you think about this video – your emails and comments mean a lot to me. Thanks!

Possessions and Exorcisms: Seven Movies Worth Watching

A still from Exorcismus Why would a utopian like movies about possessions and exorcisms? The vast majority of them are about an old white male priest (or charlatan, or researcher, or whatever) trying to get to the bottom of a mystery surrounding a usually-pretty young white woman, driven wild by whatever’s inside her (or whatever […]

Is geek culture cleaning itself up?

While female geeks have been fighting back against sexism and sexual harassment in geek culture for… well, forever, men are finally starting to make their voices heard. Which is really important since, as with racism and heterosexism, the group doing the oppressing is the one with the problem that needs fixing. Thank you, guys, for […]

If you’re not a feminist, you need to read this

If you don’t yet identify as a feminist or see the need to do so, please read this blog post, and better yet, the posts it links to, and you may just change your mind. The Mary Sue: The All-Too-Familiar Harassment Against Feminist Frequency, and What The Gaming Community Can Do About It TRIGGER WARNING: […]

A New Kind of Man

Yesterday I watched a great TED Talk from back in 2010: Tony Porter: A call to men, which I found very moving. Check it out:

Body Talk: The female body as an instrument of knowing

I’m reading Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs‘ Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype, an empowering and healing experience. This morning a passage made me cry in empathetic joy, so I thought I’d share it: A friend and I once performed a tandem storytelling called “Body Talk” about discovering the […]

“We’re at the point of freedom.”

I can’t wait to see this movie. It’s so beautiful to see women rising up!

VIDEO: Women healing the world

“The biggest event in human history is the rise of women to full partnership with men, because it’s only that partnership that’s going to allow the world to flourish.” Right on! Let’s do it, sisters! See also: Our “gender” bookshelf on Goodreads Our Delicious links tagged with Gender Our Delicious links tagged with Feminism

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