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RENEWBOT – Coming to the streets of Ithaca

21 Boxes is a public art initiative organized by the City of Ithaca Public Arts Commission, Mural Street Art Committee and Ithacans for Public Art. My design, the Renewbot, was selected to be painted on one of 21 electrical boxes around Ithaca! I’m waiting to find out which box is mine, but I’m hoping for […]

VIDEO: My Vegan Evolution

Thanks so much for the encouraging comments and emails about my confession video! I have another one for you here – it’s 25 minutes long but I hope it’s interesting. I’ll make the next one shorter. Vegan Evolution from Ari Evergreen on Vimeo. This video is about my vegan evolution, so you get to hear […]

Really Really Free Market this Friday

Come to our Really Really Free Market at Southside Community Center this Friday! We’re glad to be a part of the Congo Square Market again this summer and hope to see folks there. Click here for more info. Working with Share Tompkins to help facilitate sharing and mutual aid in Tompkins County has, for me, […]

Report from Our DIY Solar Panel Cooker Freeskool Class

Last Saturday, Shawn Reeves of EnergyTeachers.org came over to our house to give a workshop on how to make a solar panel cooker using recycled materials. Read on for photos and info on how to make your own!

Videos for the Finger Lakes Climate Fund

Since joining the board of Sustainable Tompkins last fall, I’ve been helping them to promote their Finger Lakes Climate Fund through a series of web videos. The fund enables folks to offset their carbon emissions while providing energy efficiency upgrades to local low-income families. Check them out and consider offsetting today!

The Power of the Sun

Solar power is abundant and yet we’ve scratched the surface of its potential. We are making some big moves in our own lives to start harnessing the sun! We just got approved for a loan from Alternatives, our wonderful local credit union, that will enable us to get a $40,000 photovoltaic system installed on our […]

A Declaration of Interdependence

Via Hour World

Frackers vs. activist-photographers: The activists win

Check out this interesting story about a photo I posted for a fellow activist on Flickr! WSKG Busted! Shilling for Gas Industry (Bill Huston’s Blog). In short, WSKG printed an article that was basically a reprint of a press release by natural gas industry folks, who had arranged a study that apparently showed that regulations […]

Would you put this sign in your yard?

If you haven’t heard of NIMBYism, it’s the attitude “Not in my backyard” and it’s a double-edged sword. We can and should be against development that hurts our communities, but renewable energy is something that we can ALL get behind. I’ve designed this graphic that we’re planning on putting on yard signs and bumper stickers. […]

Shirari Peace and Love Podcast #7: May Day 2012

In honor of International Workers Day and the Mayan calendar, we offer a 7th installment of Shirari’s Peace and Love Podcast. (Our last episode was way back in February 2009!) Listen for an update on our lives, our perspective on Occupy and 2012 and the idea of apocalypse, activist resources and tips, and a general […]

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