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For Barter or Worse: Please vote for my video about sharing!

One of my favorite sites, Shareable, is hosting a contest for stories about sharing. My submission to Share or Die is a 5-minute video about our experiences with sharing and bartering in Ithaca, through our business and through the groups Ithaca Freeskool and Share Tompkins. I hope you’ll watch my video and log-in to vote. […]

Three Special Caves

Caves are so interesting. They’re as large and beautiful as cathedrals or temples, but they’re natural. No one had to haul stone to make these huge spaces – they just grew that way. Here are images of three caves so mysterious and awe-inspiring that they’ve become religious pilgrimage sites… 1. Batu Caves, Malaysia (Photo by […]

Report from Our DIY Solar Panel Cooker Freeskool Class

Last Saturday, Shawn Reeves of EnergyTeachers.org came over to our house to give a workshop on how to make a solar panel cooker using recycled materials. Read on for photos and info on how to make your own!

Videos for the Finger Lakes Climate Fund

Since joining the board of Sustainable Tompkins last fall, I’ve been helping them to promote their Finger Lakes Climate Fund through a series of web videos. The fund enables folks to offset their carbon emissions while providing energy efficiency upgrades to local low-income families. Check them out and consider offsetting today!

Please don’t support sweatshops

If you’re vegan, if you’re a human rights activist, if you care about justice and fairness at all – please do not support sweatshops. Shira and I buy our undies and socks and such from companies that use fair trade organic cotton and hemp and which pay their workers a fair wage. (For other stuff […]

Shirari Peace and Love Podcast #7: May Day 2012

In honor of International Workers Day and the Mayan calendar, we offer a 7th installment of Shirari’s Peace and Love Podcast. (Our last episode was way back in February 2009!) Listen for an update on our lives, our perspective on Occupy and 2012 and the idea of apocalypse, activist resources and tips, and a general […]

Two shoots to go, and we’re screening in less than a month!

Empowered is a film Shira’s been working on for months and months with our friend Suzanne McMannis, the producer. I just finished the site for it and am psyched that we’ll have a place to share all the photos and videos emerging from the production. It’s been really cool getting to know more about the […]

Press: Shira and Share Tompkins in Tompkins Weekly

On April 27th, McKenzie Jones-Rounds and I were invited to speak about Share Tompkins as part of the panel discussion following the community screening of the film The Economics of Happiness. The event was featured in an article by Eric Banford in the May 2-8 issue of Tompkins Weekly. You can read the full article […]

Video: Intro to New Earth Living

I just made this video for an amazing new cohousing project, which is being developed in downtown Ithaca by Susan Cosentini. Ari is making the website, which will be launching soon at newearthliving.net Intro to New Earth Living from Shira Golding on Vimeo.

Vote for Shira’s Design

Please vote on my design for the Cereplast bioplastics logo competition. When you go to the site, start choosing between the one you like the most until mine pops up (you can vote as many times as you want): I tried my best to follow their specs: The symbol should be a symbol to represent […]

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