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A new website for Black Folk Don’t

We made the logo for Black Folk Don’t… and have been doing web updates for a while now, but boy were we excited to recently get the opportunity to give its WordPress some extra attention. We gave it a clean new drag-and-drop theme by Themify, making literally everything on the site editable with just a […]

So these are fun

Dark Matter Rap by Coma Niddy. Via The Mary Sue Anxiety. Ask Amy. Ep. 7, featuring Aubrey Plaza. Via Feministing Tard the grumpy cat. Via Huffington Post

Oveido Chickens

Happy Labor Day 2012!

For Labor Day 2012, I wanted to make a video about why I’m an anti-capitalist: Because I value people over profits! Useful links related to this video: ♥ Socialist Party USA ♥ Socialism (Wikipedia) Anarcho-communism (Wikipedia) Capitalism (Wikipedia) TED Conversations: What alternatives are there to the current economic system? Should global capitalism fail, what would […]

I Am a Hypocrite

I Am a Hypocrite from Ari Evergreen on Vimeo. How do you know if you’re a good or bad person? Do those categories even make sense? Please let me know what you think about this video – your emails and comments mean a lot to me. Thanks!

Animal Architecture

Horst’s Mason Bee Village Animal habitats get smaller and smaller as humans take up more and more space – but we can help make the human world safer and healthier so animals can enjoy it, too. I’ve found some really cool buildings that are built by humans for animals, and I thought I’d share, in […]

Is geek culture cleaning itself up?

While female geeks have been fighting back against sexism and sexual harassment in geek culture for… well, forever, men are finally starting to make their voices heard. Which is really important since, as with racism and heterosexism, the group doing the oppressing is the one with the problem that needs fixing. Thank you, guys, for […]

Solomon Islands Musician Playing Hand- and Foot-held Bamboo Instrument

This is awesome. Via Andy Firk.

Black Gold

If only our schools realized how racist they were and changed their curricula, we’d be in a different world. If you know folks who work in education, let them know about Planning to Change the World, a planbook for teachers. Shira’s been doing their graphic design for a few years now; we wish our teachers […]

Reverend Billy Preaching in Support of Public Assembly and Our People’s History

OCCUPY OUR OWN HISTORY. It was recently announced that the Pavilion in the North Plaza of Union Square in NYC, where the social justice greats sang and shouted in the seminal moments of peace and labor rights in this country – is leased to a restaurant. You can’t privatize Union Square. You can’t make us […]

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