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VIDEO: Women healing the world

“The biggest event in human history is the rise of women to full partnership with men, because it’s only that partnership that’s going to allow the world to flourish.” Right on! Let’s do it, sisters! See also: Our “gender” bookshelf on Goodreads Our Delicious links tagged with Gender Our Delicious links tagged with Feminism

The Feminist Frequency on Lego

I love Legos. And I LOVE this blog, and this two-part series on Lego and Gender. LEGO & Gender Part 1: Lego Friends Lego & Gender Part 2: The Lego Boys Club Sign the petition to #liberatelego!

How is RuPaul different from Tyler Perry?

Ladies, gaga: What drag is doing for women Is Tyler Perry Atlanta’s most famous drag queen? Madea’s Big Happy Family: Tyler Perry’s Drag Ball Tyler Perry’s Gay Problem

Biggest political rally in Canada’s history: Alaska Women Reject Palin

My friend Diana, an activist in NYC, sent me an amazing email about an anti-Palin protest in Alaska that drew record crowds on September 14th, but which is getting snubbed by the media. A group of women organized the protest over coffee; they wanted to show the world that Sarah Palin does not stand for […]

Kind comics

I love web comics and have been reading them religiously as long as I’ve had an internet connection. In the past year I discovered that a few I’d known and loved and read every day for a very long time were driving me crazy – little oppressive things here and there stopped being funny, then […]

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