Ithaca Is Murals

“Ithaca Is Murals” is a feature-length documentary in production that tells the story of Ithaca, New York’s social-justice and multicultural murals. This half-hour rough cut features interviews with Mayor Svante Myrick and artists Zuri Sabir, Khalil Bey, and Brandon Lazore. This version was screened at the 2018 Ithaca Festival of the Arts, and was co-produced by organizer and artist Caleb R. Thomas. Shira Evergreen shot “Ithaca Is Murals” on the Canon C300 Mark II and the DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter. She created all of the original music and edited in Adobe Premiere. Made possible in part by a mini-grant from Sustainable Tompkins.

The feature-length version will feature many more interviews with artists as well as a deeper look into the public mural creation process, from application to final brushstrokes. We will also examine the history of public art in Ithaca including the efforts of the now inoperative Public Art Commission and Ithaca Murals, a vibrant network of volunteers that facilitate new works.

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